Notifications from your ERP-system (and other systems) are the most valuable ones for your core business. Employees are helped staying focussed on their job and handle their workload fast and accurate. Productive employees are happier, and employers providing the right tools to their employees might get them engaged as well.

See in our commercial below to get a impression about our product.

Video 1, Our commercial

Other use-cases

Other use cases are:
- Improve approval processes
- Speed up supply chains
- Keep up the level of Service Level Agreements to customers
- Monitoring processes, RPA's, IT-systems
- Improve data quality/consistency and avoid data redundancy

Our product in action

To get a good feeling with the product, please watch the video below to see our product in action.

Video 2, Our product in action

Avoid inappropriate notifications in businesses

Many applications provide notifications:
- On the wrong moment
- On the wrong devices
- On the wrong events
- Or not related to work
Think about e.g. e-mail, sport-apps, social messaging
With Enterprise Push they can turn off any other notification-provider.

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