Enterprise Push Browser-Extension

April 2021, By Vladimir Hilderink

Download Enterprise Push Browser-Extension

The Enterprise Push Browser-Extension helps you to receive notifications when the browser is closed. In this article we help you to setup your browser in an optimized way.

For Google Chrome and Microsoft EDGE:

chrome web store

For Firefox:

not yet availble

How to set it up

For Google Chrome and Microsoft EDGE (on Windows):

First, allow the browser to run the app in the background.
- In the menu (three dots) go to 'settings';
- In the left panel navigate to 'accessibility';
- Under the 'System' heading, switch on the checkbox labelled as 'Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed'.

Also, allow the browser to start up together with your OS.
- Click 'Start' in the Windows-taskbar;
- Go to settings (the wheel);
- Click 'Apps';
- Click startup in the left side panel;
- Switch on the switch of your browser.

How does it work

In general, the Enterprise Push Notifications are able to pop up due to an integration between your browser and your enterprise-software. To receive the notifications, your browser has running. The browser offers the functionality to keep running on the background from the moment you start up the computer and even when the browser is closed. To make this happen, at least one browser-extension should instruct the browser to do so.

The Enterprise Push Browser-Extension is a lightweight extension that instructs the browser to run on the background and to startup together with the operating system. That is how the enterprise-notifications may popup even if you close the browser. Another feature that comes with this solution is that you stay logged in, even if the browser is closed.

Probably you do not have to permit anything to make it work. Otherwise, the instructions are listed above (How to set it up).

Advantages and disadvantages

The browser starts up together with your computer.
That means you are able to receive the enterprise-notifications from the moment you start the computer;

The browser keeps on running in the background after closing the browser.
That means you are able to receive the enterprise-notifications even when the browser is closed;

The browser keeps your login sessions alive in the background even after closing the browser.
That helps you in some cases where your popup may redirect you to you company's intranet, cloud applications, portals or launchpads.

Note: You can hard-exit the browser by right clicking in the browser icon which you find in the system tray.


We encourage you:
- To use your laptop privately and to lock your desktop while walking away from your device;
- To log off applications the way they should after using them on public devices.