Our keynote for (future) experts

Please watch our keynote for (future) experts:

Video 3, Keynote for experts

Our mission

As an independent software vendor, we focus to search for collaboration with IT-Consulting companies to globally help medium and big size company’s to optimize any information flow that relies on manual actions. The products in the line of ‘Enterprise Push’ represents a set of tools that provides notifications to the end-users in order to inform them about business-events and to help them taking quick actions.

I have to admit that this is not a mission, but our first paragraph of our strategy. Together with the experts, we want to fulfill our mission.

'We cannot serve our customers without collaborating with other IT company’s. Our focus is to be that part of the solution an independent software vendor should fulfill. We have to corporate with other IT company’s, train them in the implementation of our products and receive feedback from both, experts and customers. ' An important paragraph in our mission.

Your benefits

We pull the customers to you

As an expert, you are not obligated to actively promote or work with our product. But at the moment you see one of your customers struggling with a problem that can be solved with one of our products, you will be able to help them better than you already do. That's how you will obtain a higher workload from your customers and maybe even their business partners.

We redirect the customer to you

We do not do any consulting ourselves (but we train you). Also, when customers need our product we might need to redirect them to one of the (recognized) experts specialised in the customers sector or in the specific field of expertise.

We help you to get the interest and the desire of your (future) customer

As an addition to the product demonstrations you give to future customers, the implementation of our notifications might be appealing.

Also, Businesses looking for an ERP system might have taken 'business notifications' into their set of requirements. As an expert, you might become one step ahead of your competitor before you know.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more we can only advise you to go to our portal and click on 'Get access to the expert portal'. From there you can download video's PDF's and demo-versions of our product. Don't worry, becoming an expert does not automatically lists you on the list of recognized experts; You have basically created an account with access to the expert portal.

Click here to see a video explaining how to create an account, navigate in the portal and start setting up a demonstrational environment.

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